A Day For The Teacher’s At One Of The Best School In Noida Extension

Teacher’s at SKS World school one of the top cbse school in Greater Noida are less of a preacher, less of an advisor, less of a teacher and more of a friend, more of a mentor and  more of a guide. The spirit of teacher’s day is to recognize all the dedication the teachers give to fostering a love of learning in their students. . Every September 5th we celebrate this day at SKS World School one of the best kindergarten school Noida/ Ghaziabad. Students organize the celebration which includes dance, songs performed by all the students and also some games for teachers. This becomes a source of great amusement and fun for all.  It’s fun and important to honor the pride and backbone of SKS World School and remember the teachers who commit themselves to educating our young students and making a stronger, learned society.

top cbse school in Greater Noida

We at SKS one of the best international school in Greater Noida West believe that teacher’s day is not all about those teachers who teaches but it is also about our students , students who energize the teachers . SKS World School is indebted to our students who rub off their enthusiasm, energy and love for life on to us and there we are, moving on our toes, matching up to their energy levels and enjoying ourselves as their teachers. Teachers are some of the most impactful people in our lives. The dedicated and motivated teachers of SKS one of the best kindergarten school in Noida Extension hold the future in their hands. All the teachers at SKS World School one of the top cbse school in Greater Noida have dedicated their time and energy to shape our school as a reputable one. SKS School is grateful to all the teachers who make SKS World School so extra ordinary and who are continuously gracing the classroom with such amazement. The role of a teacher in the life of a student is significant and by and large the most important. The excellence of our teacher decides the academic and other mile stones achieved by the students of SKS World School.  SKS one of the best kindergarten school in Greater Noida/ Ghaziabad firmly believes in the fact that students are like a bundle of infinite potential, but, to unlock that potential and to realize their abilities parents and students depend on teachers. A well experienced teacher recognizes the individual talents and treats students accordingly so that to bring out the best in the students of SKS World School. A teacher at SKS is like the parents of students who always stand by their side either in joy or sorrow.

All those students and parents who are the part of SKS or seeking admission in Noida we want to express that not only on teacher’s day but our teacher’s should be respected and celebrated every day. Because for our dedicated teachers every child is special and unique and they work hard for each and every child irrespective of their background .  By encouraging the youth and making them educated, a teacher does excellent service to the society and to the nation.