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sks world school

An investment in the process of acquiring knowledge brings about the best interest. One of the most crucial decisions for parents is to provide the right education and learning environment to their children. For certain parents, this schooling decision is quite easy. They often send their wards to the local public school. But if one is trying to look beyond and, rethink about what will be the best for their child’s persona, strengths, requirements and likes then SKS world school is the answer for you. We are here to fulfil all your child’s needs.

In this age of cut-throat competition, the most challenging task starts with choosing the right institution for schooling. This is because this vital decision further builds the base for the future development of the students as they proceed to higher educational levels.

The parents are likely to feel overwhelmed by making a choice about a school because at present there are so many schools offering various learning environments, teaching patterns and infrastructure. This is where SKS World School probably the best school in the Noida expressway comes at your resort. As our motto suggests, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, SUCCESS, we are a premier institution consistently being rated as the best school in Noida expressway is aimed at providing world-class education with top-notch infrastructure and best set of faculty. We believe that the learning process is a two-way game we are here to impart the best education and at the same time create an ambience in which the students can nurture this acquired knowledge.

Mr S.K Sharma founded the SKS Educational and Social Trust with the aim to achieve excellence in the educational sphere. We are aimed at imparting the right set of values that is, harmony, respect, honesty, truthfulness, and a never-ending thirst for excelling in life, apart from the books and lecture provided knowledge.

SKS World School the best school in Noida is located in a core location of Noida Extension away from the hustle bustle of city life. Our school is one of the top-ranked institutions when it comes to listing the schools in and around the Noida area.  Our strategic location is graced by the presence of numerous high rise residential apartments and housings promoted and offered by reputed real estate tycoons Supertech, Ajnara, Casa Greens  to name a few.

We are a Co-educational institution proposed to be affiliated to CBS following the NCERT curriculum of study. The academic curriculum and the entire learning process in our school are strongly backed by a wide range of curricular activities to ensure an all-round development of our students.

The chief reasons to choose SKS world school is our commitment and dedicated faculty which is one of the chief reasons for which we have been referred to as the best school in Noida.

We aim to meet the basic expectation that parents have of schools, that is we

An ambience in which students can develop social competencies. We want that our student that is the young adults emerging from secondary school to be articulate, social and knows how to react in different situations.

Precisely, we want to cultivate a positive atmosphere that will encourage our student’s intellectual and emotional development.

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