Best school in Greater Noida | Best school in Greater Noida West For parents, it is no easy task to introduce the concept of school to their kid/s for the first time. It takes a lot of inspirations and motivation to let a child start the first day of school happily. Whether it is the preschool or kindergarten, the first school experience has to be exciting, […]

Why homeworks from schools important?

There are many reasons why teachers allocate homework, even at a young age. Homework supports everything the child learned during class, which gives them more possibilities to remember new ideas. Homework also instructs a kid to become more separate while they understand. Doing exercises and activities at home allows the kid to arrange their ideas […]

How to identify your child’s learning style

Have you ever been curious about the way your child learns best? While it’s probably inaccurate to say that a given child has just one learning style, figuring out a primary learning strength can help things like homework and school go a tad more easily. Once you know your child’s style, you can help present […]

Teaching practices followed by Best Schools in Greater Noida

We all are experienced in our unique ways, and when this experience is counted for the best schools in Greater Noida only the best is expected. The one thing that keeps the best schools in Noida at the top amongst the rest is their advanced teaching practices. They follow an advanced level of the learning […]

How to motivate your child to go to school after vacation

Going back to school after vacation is something most of the children never wish to do, at least in my case, I would cry and get sad with a sheer thought of getting no sleep, no more television or playing video games with friends. The days haven’t changed much, children’ still get upset about the thought […]