Environment Conservation | Best CBSE affiliated school |

At SKS World School one of the best international school in noida extension it’s not only about the environment that we take care of but also about a thought process. We at the best CBSE affiliated school in Noida/ Ghaziabad teach our students to be happy with less. We try to let them understand the […]

International language at school – Best International School

At SKS World School, one of the best International School in Noida/Ghaziabad we have an excellent opportunity for students to learn French.We strive hard to improve the communication of students which is considered as one of the most important skill in today’s education system.  passion for international languages: is no longer a hobby but a […]

Choose an Independent School | International school in noida

The nation is heading towards the celebration of 73rd Independence Day on this 15th August, 2019. On this red letter day we celebrate the Independence of the nation and its people. SKS World School, one of the best school in Noida takes pride for being an Independent school of the Independent nation. For all our […]

Skills important for kids in kindergarten | Best School Facility |

This is a blog for the parents searching for best kindergarten schools in Greater Noida West SKS World School, one of the best Kindergarten school in noida extension/ Ghaziabad is a perfect choice for parents who wish to give their child an international learning experience with global standards in one of the best international schools […]

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The Impact of Digital Classrooms on Learning | Top Schools

Today’s young ones are growing up in a world different than ours – a digital world. Children are no longer amazed by a computer. In fact, by age two most of them know how to access a YouTube video. Therefore, with the increasing use and exposure of digital devices, children cannot escape a community which […]

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What makes SKS an International level School? | Popular School in Noida |

In order to become one of the best International school in Noida Extension/ Greater Noida SKS World School focuses on international education and global citizenship, along with inculcating the sense of Indian Values and cultures in students. We do not use the term ‘international’ just because it sounds good but also because we follow an […]

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Avoid Exam Stress | Best International School in Noida and Ghaziabad

At SKS World School, one of the best School in Noida/ Ghaziabad we recognise that undue stress over exams can actually cause children to perform below their potential, which is why our administrators and educators actively work to reduce stress throughout the entire year. One of the most important aspects of our examination strategy is […]

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How SKS is different from other schools? | International school in noida

SKS being one of the best international school in Noida / Noida Extension offers the chance for children of various nationalities to stay connected to the language and customs of their home country, while often operating on more learning through experience education approach. While other schools provide a unique opportunity for an immersive experience. They promote strong […]

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Identify the talent inside the child   | Top CBSE School in Noida

At SKS World School one of the most popular school in Greater Noida we are not just focused on inculcating educational values in the students but also take concern of their own set of interest and skills growing inside them. We are very well aware that we are among the best kindergarten school in noida […]

Parents – Our most treasured asset.| Admission in Greater Noida Extension

We are extremely proud of our parent community here at SKS World School. The fact that we continue to be regarded as one the best international school in Noida / Greater Noida is a testimony to that. We are among the Top 10 School in Noida / Ghaziabad and we believe that the exceptional achievements […]