Parents – Our most treasured asset.| Admission in Greater Noida Extension

We are extremely proud of our parent community here at SKS World School. The fact that we continue to be regarded as one the best international school in Noida / Greater Noida is a testimony to that. We are among the Top 10 School in Noida / Ghaziabad and we believe that the exceptional achievements […]

Secondary Education Career | Admission in Ghaziabad

Secondary education career opportunities have been changing from good to excellent, with secondary school teachers holding about 1.7 million jobs in 2002 and is growing moderately with 1.8% expected growth rate per year through 2010.  Secondary education career had an Good starting in International school in Noida and Ghaziabad. Secondary education career Deals more with […]

Tips to Your Child to Develop into an Independent Thinker | International School in Noida

The Top ranking school in Greater noida objective of education must not remain restricted to the passing of understanding from one source to another. Rather, it ought to have the capability to provide trainees the ability to assume independently. SKS World School, our team believes that it is crucial for each and every youngster discovers to be able to […]

Best School in Noida Extension, Greater Noida, Noida, Ghaziabad | Top Schools in Noida

Before you read the complete list of Best schools in Noida, it is important that parents realize that there is no binary in school education system. A school cannot be simply classified as good or bad just because a survey comes up with particular perception of the school. A lot depends upon the kid’s upbringing […]

International school in Noida and greater Noida | Top ,Best school in noida

You are just about to feel good in your life, after long sleepless nights and spending every minute thinking of your child, watching him grow and handling random tantrums these little creatures show…. But Hey! there is no time to relax. Your child has turned two and somewhere during month of July or August UP’s […]

Top Ranking Schools in Noida Extension | International school in Greater noida

Do you bear in mind when you did something for the “Very first time”, and just how terrible it was? It literally took your breath away to reveal guts and also perform and then, all of a sudden it diminished mystifyingly, when your moms and dads smiled at you. This strength is genuine magic! Supporting, […]

Top School in Greater Noida

Choosing the Leading school for constantly a challenge for parents. They need to explore a lot of variables like Good quality of education and learning supplied, the effectiveness of educators, Everyday Tasks, mentor techniques, the infrastructure and also centers of the school building and also properties along with the performance of school administration. Parents are […]

Best School in Ghaziabad and Noida

Best study routine for school students Students seeking admission in Noida/ should give SKS school the 1st preference. SKS world school one of the best kindergarten school in Noida has been designed keeping children in mind. Each student is different and thus the study routine has been meticulously designed ensuring it that student is not […]

Schools in Ghaziabad | Best International School in Ghaziabad/Noida | admissions in CBSE School in Ghaziabad

Education:  A school and its education plays a major role in nurturing and developing the unique talent of every child, and enabling the student to blossom by discovering the joy of learning. Schools in Ghaziabad firmly believe that this can be achieved by providing student a safe and conducive environment. SKS world school is one […]

Step by Step Admission Process || Admissions in Ghaziabad || School in Ghaziabad

SKS World School considered to be the “Best school in Greater Noida”. It is affiliated to CBSE ,New Delhi. It can provide a well-structured co-Curricular and academic programmers. It is a private Co-education school. The school focuses on overall development of every child. It can work towards making  the child responsible citizen towards their  country […]