Environment Conservation | Best CBSE affiliated school |

At SKS World School one of the best international school in noida extension it’s not only about the environment that we take care of but also about a thought process. We at the best CBSE affiliated school in Noida/ Ghaziabad teach our students to be happy with less. We try to let them understand the value of what they have and not keep yearning for more. Motivate them to repair and reuse their existing items. We believe in the fact that it’s the mindset that counts.

Through this blog we have ensured that our students adopt an environment friendly lifestyle.

Leading by example

We at the best international school in greater noida west firmly believe that an action is worth millions. We lead by example. Instead of focusing on ‘recycle, we stand with an idea of  ‘precycle”. This concept focuses on reducing the waste accumulation before it is designating as waste.

For all parents looking for School Admissions in Greater Noida West/ Noida Extension we urge that while packing lunch boxes, they should  use recyclable containers and cloth napkins. While shopping for clothes or groceries with their kids parents should opt for a reusable bag. Non-toxic cleaners should be used  in the house and the reason for making this decision should be explained to the kids..

We are among those Top 10 School in Noida/Ghaziabad where education is imparted with the motive of print as less as possible. Projects and homework’s are assigned to students with an instruction to use less paper and more use of technology while creating soft copy which in turn saves paper, time as well as increases the technical knowledge of students..

Electricity conservation

At SKS World school one of the Top CBSE School at greater noida education is imparted with the use of modern techniques and gadgets .With so many electronic gadgets at computer lab or even in class it’s rather easy to forget to turn off something. Students at SKS one of the best international school in Ghaziabad are well taught to turn off their computer systems when they leave working on that.  Parents at home also teach children to turn off the lights the moment they leave a room. As a part of our best school facility in Noida extension we focus on using energy saving efficient bulbs to inculcate in our students the value of electricity. These are very small but rare things on which we focus to save our environment. Because we know big changes are always made with small steps.

Save Gas

Car pools are splendid fun and environmentally friendly. Parents should attempt it at least once a week.  Children should be encouraged to cycle to their school, park, hobby class, and friend’s place. It’s a great exercise as well.

We encourage students to get some fresh air instead of using AC in morning time while they are coming to the school by AC bus provided by SKS World School.

Self Realization

We are not just among top 10 schools in Greater noida/ noida extension but also responsible citizens of the country and we strive hard to inculcate love for nature within our students. If they love, they will learn to care.  We furnish opportunities for them to be with nature and enjoy its serenity.

Instead of always organizing expensive excursions to make our students smile, we offer ‘experience’ gifts like rock climbing and camping.

Raising environmentally friendly children doesn’t involve large initiatives like installing solar panels. We can achieve results through simple everyday actions.

Children are the future. They have the power to make this world a better place. We at SKS one of best kindergarten school in noida/noida extension raise children who are sensitive to the environment and can think beyond themselves. A brighter world needs children who respond to the environment and respect their natural spaces.