Get the best leave the rest

As soon as you read the caption you thought what to leave, why to leave, how to leave and above all who are you why will I leave anything only because you are saying me to do so. Relax! It’s a matter just to stick to good habits, get the good things and leave the unwanted and bad habits. We at SKS one of the popular schools near Gaur city want you all to leave the bad one and choose the best one. Be it be your friends, your habit or your lifestyle.

From the ongoing session we have taken an initiative to inculcate in our students the more ethical values and pay more attention towards their all inclusive growth than we did earlier. It’s better to always run towards more improvement so we try to improve more and more. As we at one of the top school near Noida Extension feel that we are our best competitor. Hence we are listing below some of the important measures adopted by us to bring more improvement in us.

Balanced time on Yoga/ Exercise

Yoga is an ancient practice that has found its roots in India. Yoga maintains proper blood circulation in our body which is required more in the season of winter. It has been recommended as a discipline to focus and connect body. Hence we at SKS one of the top school near Greater Noida West have started a new session for yoga classes for all the students to keep them healthy throughout the season. The main motive behind more focus on Yoga is the safety of children. We encourage children to practice yoga to get unlimited health benefits.

Peer Group

While it is the personal choice of all the students that in what type of peer group they spend time but we make sure to adhere to the strict rules during the school hours so as to maintain the integrity and discipline of the school. Acknowledging the fact that a rotten apple spoils the bunch we try to inculcate in our students high sense of ethical values and social and cultural values so that they do not indulge in bad activities. At home parents are advised to keep an eye on all the activities by their child and to strictly bind by some disciplinary rules.

Avoid abusive language

We strictly advice all the parents to not to use abusive language under any circumstances as children learn what they listen and see. Use of any type of abusive language is strictly no within the school premises. We are one of the top school near Noida Extension and we believe that we need to set examples for our future generations to help them grow and learn well.