Heritage Quiz Competition

Heritage Quiz Competition

SKS world school organized ‘Heritage Quiz Competition – 2019’ on 26th July with an aim to raise awareness among the students about conservation and management of heritage of India and to sensitize them about its rich cultural diversity. The competition was conducted for classes VI to VIII.

Four houses (Aravali, Nilgiri, Satpura, shivalik) participated with four participants from each house. The quiz started with warm up round consisting of verbal questions. Next came up the visual round. In this round, students were to identify the pictures of various heritage monuments displayed on screen. The last round was rapid fire round which enthralled the audience.

Points were awarded for each correct answer. Bonus points were also awarded for run over questions. The last part of the competition became more exciting as it ended in a tie between Nilgiri and Satpura houses. This was followed by an extra tie-breaker question which decided the runner up team. Shivalik house claimed the first position.

In between different rounds there were few questions for audience to keep their interest alive and make them a part of the activity. In the closely contested rounds all the participants displayed their awareness about the heritages of India. A Top Ranking School Result was declared after the mind boggling session of tie-breaker round. All the active competitors were loudly cheered and supported by their Co-House members.


1st position- Shivalik House

Runner up Nilgiri House

Team SKS World School congratulates to all the winners!