How to prepare child for pre- school in International schools

It’s the time to search! For parents seeking school admissions in Noida/Ghaziabad for their kids. Searching the best international school in Greater Noida is one of the most difficult jobs for many of the parents as only searching the best school is not the limit for parents but preparing their child to go to the school is also a big challenge. We are among the top 10 schools in Greater Noida West and today on the last day of the month of October we are presenting this blog on how to prepare your child for pre-school.

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Pre-school is the first step for the child towards his/her educational career. For most of the parents first day of pre- school of there is filled of tons of emotions.

Tips to prepare child for pre-school is as followed:

  • Stay confident & keep confident

For our esteemed parents , on the first day of their child’s school they need to be confident enough and to keep their child confident enough in order to start the new journey of life. Parents should inculcate in their child the confidence of meeting new kids from days before sending to school. Once in the school premises we at SKS one of the top cbse schools in Greater Noida take whole responsibility of kids. At the first day of school it’s the responsibility of parent’s & teachers to stay confident as well to keep the kids confident.

  • Pretend play

During the school hours it’s our responsibility to involve in learning process. We strongly focus on teaching students through role playing. It is recommended for our esteemed parents to teach their kids at home through playing the role of the character. When taught using the role of the character kids get more attracted towards going to school.

  • Collaborative learning

Kids have no tendency to settle down at a place. For them concentration is nothing more than a mere collection of 13 letters. Hence for kids collaborative and independent learning plays a major role. When kids are taught within their age group they develop the sense of togetherness as well as they show more interest for learning.

We at SKS one of the Popular cbse schools in Greater Noida aim at bringing each and every child to the class so that no one remains untouched with the essence of quality education.

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