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At SKS World School, one of the best International School in Noida/Ghaziabad we have an excellent opportunity for students to learn French.We strive hard to improve the communication of students which is considered as one of the most important skill in today’s education system.

 passion for international languages:

is no longer a hobby but a skill enhanced at almost all the Top cbse affiliated school in noida extension. The students have the opportunity to learn and enhance their linguistic skills at SKS World School.

 We at SKS believe that young children:

who learn a foreign language at school level have better understanding of their own mother tongue and clarity of thoughts. In addition, they show remarkable improvement in their grades and creativity.

Our students also enjoy the opportunity to write and publish their work in the school magazines of SKS World School which is one of the top ranking school in greater noida west/noida extension .

Learning foreign languages:

Also benefits in securing admission at reputed universities and international courses and later in employment opportunities. This is one of the advantages of studying at one of the best International school in Ghaziabad. Studying at one of the most popular school in Greater Noida gives the opportunity to learn a lot more than just academics. A holistic development enriched with life skills, social skills and foreign languages along with academic excellence. The school infrastructure and environment not only motivate but also enhance the ability to grasp, perform academically and excel in extracurricular activities along with personality development. Simplicity and a healthy lifestyle, nurturing traditions and inculcating them in a modern manner is the iconic development at SKS World School.

At SKS, modern citizens are created for the global potpourri with the right balance of knowing a couple of Indian languages along with the French language which is taught by our skilled and dedicated teachers.