One Of The Best School In Noida Greater Noida Extention in 2019

SKS World School is one of the best international school in Greater Noida West/ Noida extension.  Besides of our teaching methodology , infrastructure , state of the art facilities what makes us one of the best school in Noida / Ghaziabad is our sense of competition. The competition which has not arisen because there are plethora of schools developing in around Noida/ Ghaziabad but only because of the trust bestowed by the parents looking for admission in cbse schools in Noida/ Ghaziabad in us. This trust gives us a sense of competition as well as confidence.  The competition to produce better result every year leaving back the preceding year and the confidence to keep moving ahead as we are going .

Top ranking school in noida

Competition as the dictionary defines is the activity of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing super priority over others. Therefore competition simply means defeating others to win. But is that important?  Shouldn’t we become selfish for this? Why don’t we think of getting best from ourselves every time? Instead of trying to defeat others we should try to defeat ourselves every time we appear for an examination whether it is school, college or professional life. At SKS World School one of the top cbse school in Greater Noida children are nurtured with an aim to develop their ability to contrive with the pressure and hardships gradually.  We believe that instead of forcing our method of teaching students should be left free to learn themselves but under the able guidance of dedicated teachers of SKS World School .

Children grow as they see. From the very early stage of life children are taught t to be someone else.  Here what makes us apart at SKS one of the best school in Noida Extension from the early classes students are taught to accept their present self instead of forcing them into the rat race of just securing good marks and good position in the report card . We prepare our students with an intention to always stand ahead in the race of the life and held a good position in the society. To inculcate such high sense of self competition in students the teachers at SKS one of the best international school in Ghaziabad are themselves highly motivated and educated. Teachers at SKS World School lead their students in such a way that they look within for solutions to stand the test of time. Students are taught to look within themselves instead of focusing on the outside world. Even the students of SKS World School face competitions but they always face it from their inside, and the competition is always about bringing  out the best , doing the best from the preceding year, securing good marks from preceding years. Students are made aware of themselves. And in due process yoga classes are held daily for students at SKS World School. Understanding self brings acceptance. With acceptance, no defeat can harm or no pressure can destroy an important life.

Completion is not bad but only when it is from ourselves. Competition from others can lead to many hazardous things. Unhealthy competition is nothing but jealously. And therefore we at SKS one of the best international school in Noida/ Noida Extension never want our students to get into unhealthy competition. Competition from ourselves never bring jealously.  At SKS World School we never demotivate students from taking part in Competitions but always make sure that competitions do not exhaust our students. If they will constantly remain in rat race pushing their limits and trying to do better from others they will always face mental stress.

Competition must be healthy and worth to remember. Like SKS World School one of the Top Ranking School In Noida always strives hard to remain in the heart of people and provide the world class education in the same manner we wish our students also to strive hard to attain success in their life and attain a place in the society. Competition should be always from self.

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