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SKS World School is one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida” this I was told by some of the parents. Since I was looking for one of the best international school in Noida/ Greater Noida for my ward , I had to spend many sleepless nights and restless days searching for a school which would not only give my child better education but also focuses on all inclusive development of my child. I visited to many schools, discussed with many parents but was not sure which school would fulfill my expectations.

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I was looking for school admissions in Noida/Ghaziabad for my ward. After spending many restless days and discussing with my peers, counselors I finally reached at the conclusion that SKS World School probably provides best school facilities in Ghaziabad/Noida. Here I used probably because still I had not visited the school and I could not take the chance to enroll my ward in a school without meeting the teachers or without taking a look of the infrastructure of the school. “SKS is one of the most popular school in Greater Noida” this I had heard only but why it was so, I was confirmed when I visited the school.

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Through this blog I only mean to thanks SKS World School as well as to guide parents that if they are looking for school Admissions in Ghaziabad they must choose SKS World School as it provides the best teaching faculty , state of the art infrastructure and most importantly a home away from home environment for our children.

  • Infrastructure

As soon as I entered the school building, I was amazed with the impressive building of the school. I was welcomed at an aesthetically designed reception area. One thing which moved me a lot was the polite behavior of the staffs. At that point I realized why it is one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida. Thereafter, I was taken to the person concerned with the admission process. After a long discussion hour I was finally satisfied with the facilities provided by SKS World School.

  • Teachers

Like other parents I also wanted to know about the teaching faculty a SKS World School. Adding to my satisfaction level the teaching faculty at one of the most popular school in Greater Noida is very qualified and competent. I was happy with the way they were taking care of every student. They also informed me that to keep the staff updated adequate teacher’s training was also provided to them.

  • Safety

I was mainly concerned with the safety of my ward. I heard of SKS providing best school facilities in Ghaziabad/ Noida so I asked them a question regarding the safety of my ward. What they replied was “safety of your child is our primary motto”. I was happy with the way they were providing safety even in transport. Their buses were GPS equipped along with fire prevention equipment, first aid and security personnel.

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Other reasons which compelled me making up my mind for admission in Noida at SKS was their teaching methodology enriched with smart class rooms, and based on documentary education their extracurricular classes for developing my ward’s overall skills including the dance and musical classes.

Today I feel proud on my decision to choose SKS World School for my child’s bright future and feel happy with the growth and improvement of my child. Now I am sure that SKS provides best school facilities in Ghaziabad/ Noida.