Promotion and Detention

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The assessment & promotion in Classes KG to X shall be governed in conformity with the guidelines of continuous and comprehensive evaluation submitted by the Board where there is holistic evaluation of the learner including both scholastic and co—scholastic areas. There will be two terms in both the classes IX & X. The first term will be from April to September & the second term from October to March of the subsequent year. Each term will have two Formative and one Summative Assessment to be indicated in Grades and Percentile rank. The Co-scholastic Areas will include Life Skills, Attitudes and Values.


These classes have an integrated academic programme devised to inculcate confidence in the child. The environment is communicative and children are motivated to express themselves. Reading is a vital part of the programme. Children are encouraged to ask questions. We offer: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Nature Studies / Environmental Studies, Social Studies, Computers, GK, Art, Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Games, Yoga and Sports in class room teaching.

  • Each student is required to get a qualifying grade “C2” or above in all the subjects as per the examination Policy, for the purpose of promotion to the next class.
  • At the year end subject wise grades of a student are calculated on the basis of performance in all Formative Assessment in Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas.
  • Medical cases:- In case of medical cases (certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner) , the child may be promoted on the basis of cumulative result as decided by the Examination committee.
  • New admissions:- Cumulative marks of the subjects, in which the students had appeared after the admission date, to be calculated. Maximum marks for such subjects to be indicated excluding the marks of the exam / test missed.
  • The student not scoring the qualifying ‘Grade’ in any two subjects will be given a chance to appear for an improvement Exam.

The academic programme for the middle school & senior school is designed to develop individual & group values. Formal study skills are inculcated and methods & strategies for strong work habits are taught to the children.

The school follows CBSE’s latest Education Policy for the assessment & evaluation for classes VI – X.

The assessment structure and examination system has been prepared in view of provisions of RTE Act 2009. It comprises of two terms. Each term will include periodic Assessments and half yearly examinations.

CLASSES 11 & 12

The Promotion from Class XI to XII shall be governed by the following rules:-

  • Attendance should be at least 75 %.
  • Marks in each subject to be at least 40 %.
  • The school shall conduct two terminal examinations & four cycles of unit tests which carries weightage of 60 and 40% respectively in which the student should score atleast 40% in aggregate and compulsorily get passing marks in individual subjects too.
  • The Class XII examination shall be conducted by the Board. At school level, there shall be two terminals, one revision test and two pre-boards. Students are prepared for admission to College/University. The academic programme concentrates on providing a sound educational experience in a safe, nurturing and challenging scholastic environment. The students are also made to face situations where they have to use their innovative, imaginative and organizational skills.