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The nation is heading towards the celebration of 73rd Independence Day on this 15th August, 2019. On this red letter day we celebrate the Independence of the nation and its people. SKS World School, one of the best school in Noida takes pride for being an Independent school of the Independent nation. For all our […]

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The Impact of Digital Classrooms on Learning | Top Schools

Today’s young ones are growing up in a world different than ours – a digital world. Children are no longer amazed by a computer. In fact, by age two most of them know how to access a YouTube video. Therefore, with the increasing use and exposure of digital devices, children cannot escape a community which […]

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Avoid Exam Stress | Best International School in Noida and Ghaziabad

At SKS World School, one of the best School in Noida/ Ghaziabad we recognise that undue stress over exams can actually cause children to perform below their potential, which is why our administrators and educators actively work to reduce stress throughout the entire year. One of the most important aspects of our examination strategy is […]

Parents – Our most treasured asset.| Admission in Greater Noida Extension

We are extremely proud of our parent community here at SKS World School. The fact that we continue to be regarded as one the best international school in Noida / Greater Noida is a testimony to that. We are among the Top 10 School in Noida / Ghaziabad and we believe that the exceptional achievements […]

Top School in Greater Noida | Best International school in Greater noida

Choosing the Leading school for constantly a challenge for parents. They need to explore a lot of variables like Good quality of education and learning supplied, the effectiveness of educators, Everyday Tasks, mentor techniques, the infrastructure and also centers of the school building and also properties along with the performance of school administration. Parents are […]

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Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

HEALTHY BODY – HEALTHY MIND Yoga is one of the most recognized ways for enhancing our body and mind state-fit. Few minutes of yoga in morning or any time during the day is helpful in strengthening and maintaining good health and personality. SKS World School students learn yoga on regular basis. They enjoyed a lot […]

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Best School Greater Noida West | Tips to Find the best school for your child.

For parents, it is no easy task to introduce the concept of school to their kid/s for the first time. It takes a lot of inspirations and motivation to let a child start the first day of school happily. Whether it is the preschool or kindergarten, the first school experience has to be exciting, and […]

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An investment in the process of acquiring knowledge brings about the best interest. One of the most crucial decisions for parents is to provide the right education and learning environment to their children. For certain parents, this schooling decision is quite easy. They often send their wards to the local public school. But if one […]

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Tips for Helping Your Child Manage Stress

Stress, in layman language, is a feeling people have when they are overloaded or overworked, and struggle to cope with pressure and demands. These pressures can be work, finance, relationship, or situation created. A certain amount of stress is a motivator; however, when stress is high or there are multiple stresses at the same time, […]

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Top 5 after-school habits for your kids—Tips for parents

Good habits must start early, because ‘early’ is never too late for learning, test it at any given point. With your child, evolves his/her habits, may be good or bad. Earlier introduction of kid to the importance of good habits will lesser your efforts to help him/her with inculcating them. Kids are never tired. They […]