Head boy: vineet saisagar (ix) Head girl: akansha sharma (ix) Vice head boy: taranjeet singh (ix) Vice head girl: kajal kushwaha (ix) Cultural captain: ritika chauhan (viii) Literary captain: simran rani (viii) Sports captain: mishthi singh (ix) Vice sports captain: ansh ibni (vii b) Aravali house : House captain: himnesh shah (viii) Vice house captain: […]

Best School in Noida Extension, Greater Noida, Noida, Ghaziabad | Top Schools in Noida

Before you read the complete list of Best schools in Noida, it is important that parents realize that there is no binary in school education system. A school cannot be simply classified as good or bad just because a survey comes up with particular perception of the school. A lot depends upon the kid’s upbringing […]

Step by Step Admission Process || Admissions in Ghaziabad || School in Ghaziabad

SKS World School considered to be the “Best school in Greater Noida”. It is affiliated to CBSE ,New Delhi. It can provide a well-structured co-Curricular and academic programmers. It is a private Co-education school. The school focuses on overall development of every child. It can work towards making  the child responsible citizen towards their  country […]

Admissions in Noida || Admissions in CBSE School in Ghaziabad

Use of technology in Classrooms to teach in the best school in Noida:- SKS World School aims at developing the physical Development and spiritual potential Development  of each students and encourages them to acquire conceptual knowledge over memorization. Incorporating technology in all aspects of curriculum has allowed SKS World School, the best school in Greater […]

Best school facility in noida || Best school facility in Ghaziabad

An investment in the process of acquiring knowledge brings about the best interest. One of the most crucial decisions for parents is to provide the right education and learning environment to their children. For certain parents, this schooling decision is quite easy. They often send their wards to the local public school. But if one is trying […]

Best School In Noida || Why homeworks from schools important?

SKS World Schools can often be termed as the second home for kids as not only do they spend the majority of their day there but also it is at the SKS World School only where they imbibe moral values, academics proficiency, aptitude and the correct attitude to lead a successful life. There are many […]

Admissions In Greater Noida West || Admissions In CBSE School In Noida

Today Best Teaching practices followed by Best Schools in Greater Noida, We all are experienced in our unique ways, and when this experience is counted for the best schools in Greater Noida only the best is expected. The one thing that keeps the best schools in Noida at the top amongst the rest is their […]

Top 5 school habits for your kids-Tips for parents

Good habits must start early, because ‘early’ is never too late for learning, test it at any given point. With your child, evolves his/her habits, may be good or bad. Earlier introduction of kid to the importance of good habits will lesser your efforts to help him/her with inculcating them. Kids are never tired. They […]