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Do you bear in mind when you did something for the “Very first time”, and just how terrible it was? It literally took your breath away to reveal guts and also perform and then, all of a sudden it diminished mystifyingly, when your moms and dads smiled at you. This strength is genuine magic! Supporting, […]

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Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

HEALTHY BODY – HEALTHY MIND Yoga is one of the most recognized ways for enhancing our body and mind state-fit. Few minutes of yoga in morning or any time during the day is helpful in strengthening and maintaining good health and personality. SKS World School students learn yoga on regular basis. They enjoyed a lot […]

How to identify your child’s learning style

Have you ever been curious about the way your child learns best? While it’s probably inaccurate to say that a given child has just one learning style, figuring out a primary learning strength can help things like homework and school go a tad more easily. Once you know your child’s style, you can help present […]

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Tips for Helping Your Child Manage Stress

Stress, in layman language, is a feeling people have when they are overloaded or overworked, and struggle to cope with pressure and demands. These pressures can be work, finance, relationship, or situation created. A certain amount of stress is a motivator; however, when stress is high or there are multiple stresses at the same time, […]