Top 5 school habits for your kids-Tips for parents

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Good habits must start early, because ‘early’ is never too late for learning, test it at any given point. With your child, evolves his/her habits, may be good or bad. Earlier introduction of kid to the importance of good habits will lesser your efforts to help him/her with inculcating them.

Kids are never tired. They are always at the edge of their seat. Even if you ask them to take rest or to lie down, you will still find them juggling with one or the other thing. Of course, yes, they need a good amount of rest sessions as well, but having them placed with a good routine will sort your life for heaven’s good. Kids, when they are back from school, are super excited to tell you the entire tale of the day spent. The best school in Noida says, here you have enough scope to engage them with productive after-school habits.  Here are some tips to end the school day right and set the evening smooth.

1. Healthy Regime

Once back from school, they carry germs of all kinds. Washing hands is the first thing they must do to ward-off germs. The backpacks also need some hygiene routine. After they are back from school, let them empty it, clean the lunch leftovers, homework papers, and all the tidbits that linger at the bottom.

2. Let them speak, everything

With them, it is important to be a good listener. As eager they are to tell you the entire story, you are equally curious to know major to minute details. So be patient. Allow them to say everything. Encourage a conversation, set up some questions, and let them answer so that you smartly get everything out. The best school in Noida suggests, make it a habit that your kids talk to you about everything that has happened in the school. From borrowing a pencil to lending an eraser, you must know all. It is a good habit to instill.

3. Playing

Studying and playing on-time are the key enablers to make your kids healthy. Though it is easy to get glued with T.V. and cartoons, that’s not where you want your kids to be. Make it a practice, take them out for playing, and indulge them in outdoor activities. Exposure leads to new thoughts, and new thoughts cultivate innovation. Think wisely.

4. Clean-up

It is always a good idea to get your child clean-up the mess they created. Allow them to spend 15-20 minutes a day to ensure all their books, stuff, and toys are in the right place. The best school in Noida says afterward you can also reward them with their favorite home-cooked snacks.

5. Responsible with money

If your child is old enough, you can offer him or her pocket money and educate about being responsible with money. For younger kids, you can gift them a piggy bank and encourage them to save money. If they are two, create a competition between them, let’s see who can save more, and reward the winner with something he/she desires.

Help your kids following these simple habits. They are as easy as pie, but strict supervision is required. Developing a habit takes time, so sit patiently and curiously monitor.