Top School in Greater Noida West Use of technology in Classrooms to teach

sks world school

Use of technology in Classrooms to teach in the best school in Noida:-

Students have many different learning styles and we must embrace all these styles to be the most effective school in imparting knowledge to our students. By utilizing technology in the classroom, at SKS World School one of the best schools in Greater Noida, we employ many resources and methods within a lesson to make the learning more effective, rather than delivering the topic in one manner to all students.

After understanding the student psychology, as students move through the advance level of learning, students’ studies should progressively move towards developing higher level thinking skills, which leads to positive outcomes in student achievement. At SKS World School, one of the best schools in Noida we believe in using the technology as it can facilitate this process by making the concept clear about a subject at every level when integrated within an existing curriculum.

These interactive methods of delivering a subject with the use of technology makes the learning journey more inspiring and enjoyable for the students at SKS World School, one of the best schools in Greater Noida. They are better able to understand, observe and thus grasp the concepts, and they are able to interact with the patterns on the white board. At SKS World School, Noida, if a student needs more review, we can utilise more resources for the same in the classroom and can make the student work on the concepts a bit more. The students are then ready for the next challenge; with more enthusiasm than the students in the school this makes our school the best school in Noida Extension.

Short story problems or short case studies are created on the smart board equipped with latest technology, each day of the school year for students to solve. The children “see” the problems/case studies on the same board and manipulate the resources together to solve them. They assess and analyse the information, and not merely memorise facts. The students can insert pictures using the gallery and can focus on techniques of problem solving. They can solve the case studies and save them for a later day for review.

To bring this concept to life for students, we at SKS World School create stories, in form of small case studies; problems the teachers project them on the white board. Through the integration of technology, students are learning and are able to make connections with the real life concepts. Technology allows to expand the four walls of the classroom and to explore the world in which we live.

The amazing technology has given empowered the teachers at our school to explain the lessons in a practical and better and also has empowered the students to how to obtain an answer themselves. The students love being their teacher! This activity has enhanced students’ understanding of many concepts by learning from their peers.

Incorporating technology in all aspects of curriculum has allowed SKS World School, the best school in Greater Noida Extension to meet the different learning styles of my students. This helps our school students to develop higher-level thinking skills each day in my classroom and making them stand out among the other school students and thus makes our school the best schools in Noida continue.