Cbse affiliated school in noida extension

The quest for excellence is not only in academics, but also in all aspects of school life. All students participate in a multi-dimensional curriculum.

The Academic Programme provides intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thought and maturity of mind. Students are taught the value and equality of all subjects, and encouraged to pursue a mix of the sciences and arts.

Co curricular
Co-curricular activities encourage personality development and draw out creativity and talents, and provide opportunities for leadership and character building, with the idea of ‘EVERY CHILD has A
PERSONALITY’. Literary, cultural and artistic competitions are held regularly, and the students participate in a wide variety of competitions in the school.

Computer Education
Computer education has made rapid strides and hence our schools have impressive computer departments equipped with the best computers and computer peripherals. All students from class three onwards have computer education as an integral part of the curriculum. The department has a team of professionally qualified teaching staff and all its subject teachers are computer literate, so as to introduce computer-aided learning in all subjects.

Physical Education
Physical Culture at SKS World School develops the spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, team spirit and courage. The emphasis is on SPORTS FOR ALL with the slogan “DO YOUR BEST- WINNING IS NOT EVERYTHING.” Sports facilities include basketball, football, lawn tennis, basketball, athletics, table tennis and special coaching for swimming, cricket, skating, karate and football. The school organises an Annual Sports Meet every year.

The Arts
The performing and visual arts develop the aesthetic senses and appreciation of our national and world heritage. Painting and Art History, dancing and choral singing, drama and street plays are organised to provide opportunities for students to express their ideas, talent and creativity. Wall magazines on all sorts of subjects decorate the corridors of the school.

Community Service and Social Work
Community service and social awareness programmes involve students’ participation in linkages with the community. Literacy campaigns and work in hospitals and slums, sensitise them to the life of the community around them. Students prepare plays on social issues, to bring about social consciousness and help maintain the school premises. They also carry out various duties on a rota basis in the school, manning the reception, office and library. Students keep a record of their work, and are evaluated on that basis.

Besides English, which is the medium of education, a variety of languages are taught, including Hindi, Sanskrit and French.