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Top Facilities @ Top School in Greater Noida in 2024

The SKS World School is located in the heart of Greater Noida West and is considered the top school in Greater Noida . The school offers value-based education and a well-equipped library to its students. Besides, our school strongly focuses on STEM education which aims at the students to develop their skills in all aspects of life. Also, our school is known for its well-maintained ERP system that provides instant updates on students’ academic, attendance and other information to their parents.

These are among a few things that you can expect from SKS World School for your child’s good future. In today’s blog, we will give a brief of other facilities that your child will get after school admissions in Greater Noida in 2024. But first, we want you to have a look at the key highlights of today’s topics of discussion in brief.

Top School in Greater Noida: Table of Contents 

As per the latest report by the best online review site, Greater Noida has some of the best schools in India and SKS World School is one them. It’s big credit goes the top facilities offered by the school. The school is known for its value-based education, which offers an excellent academic and co-curricular experience to our students.

Besides, there’s long list of other activities as well. Let’s look at what those facilities are!

  • Top Academic Facilities at SKSWS
  • Top Sports Facilities at SKSWS
  • Top Extra-curricular at SKSWS
  • Final Thoughts on Selecting SKSWS 
Top School in Greater Noida
Top School in Greater Noida

The SKS World School has been providing quality education to children since the inception. We have seen great advancements in our curriculum and facilities during these years. So, it’s time to give you details of these facilities so that you can easily decide that SKSWS is right choice for your child with confidence. So, let’s get started!

Top Academic Facilities at SKSWS

Academic facilities are one of the most important factors in choosing a school for your child. It is necessary to have good schools with a well-equipped infrastructure that can provide the best learning experience and academic facilities to your child. School teacher to student ratio is another factor you must consider before finalising any school for your kid.

The number of teachers and students in each class should be adequate enough to provide the right amount of attention to your child. Besides, check out what academic facilities the top school in Greater Noida  offers,

  • Value-Based Education
  • Well-equipped Laboratories
  • Intelligent Classes for Technology-based Learning
  • STEM Education Facility 
  • School ERP for Instant Updates 

Top Sports Facilities at SKSWS

Sports & athletic facilities are also very important as they provide physical activity which is good for health and body development. Sports helps students stay for and healthy, which in turn, help students focus on studies with more concentration.

It’s one of the main reasons why SKS World School conducts different sports activities within the school. Here are some of the sports that have at our school.

  • Spacious Play Area (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Basketball Court
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Badminton Court
  • Lawn Tennis Court
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Cricket Nets
  • Skating Rink

Top Extra-curricular at SKSWS 

Extra-curricular activities are very important as they help students develop socially, mentally and physically apart from academics. These activities are important as they help in developing student’s personality, improving academic performance and building career skills.

It also helps in building social skills that will help them get along with other people later on in life.Here’s a quick overview of the top extra-curricular activities that we have at the best school in Noida. 

  • Cultural Competition
  • Sports Competition
  • Events & Festival Celebrations
  • School Visit
  • Educational Festivals, etc

Final Thoughts On Picking SKSWS, the Top School in Greater Noida

Our school has been providing Value Education since the inception and has won several awards for being the top school in Greater NoidaThus, if you are thinking of sending your child to SKS World School in the next academic session, then you’re making the right choice. Apply today to book your child’s seat for the next session or you can also consult our admission experts to enquire about the seat availability in the current 2022-23 academic session. So, don’t wait and call us today!

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