2024 Class X Toppers @Top CBSE School in Noida Extension

2024 Class X Toppers @Top CBSE School in Noida Extension

SKS World School is proud to announce the outstanding performance of its students in the 2024 CBSE Class X board exams. Demonstrating academic excellence and dedication, our students have achieved remarkable results, reinforcing our position as the top CBSE school in Noida Extension.

Exceptional Results

In the 2024 CBSE Class X exams, a total of 50 students from the top CBSE school in Noida Extension appeared, and we are thrilled to report a 100% pass rate. This incredible achievement is a testament to the hard work of our students and the unwavering support from our dedicated faculty and staff.

  • 38% of our students scored above 90%
  • 24% of our students scored between 80% and 90%

Top Achievers @Top CBSE School in Noida Extension

We are particularly proud of our top performers who have set a benchmark for excellence:

  • Palak Prasad: 97.6%
  • Skasham Gupta: 97.6%
  • Ojaswaee Singh: 96%
  • Adatya Raj: 95%
  • Bhavya Chandra: 95%

These exceptional students have not only made their families proud but have also brought immense pride to our school community. Their dedication, perseverance, and hard work have paid off, and they serve as an inspiration to their peers.

A Commitment to Excellence

At SKS World School, we believe in nurturing the potential of every student. Our comprehensive educational approach, which combines academic rigor with extracurricular activities, ensures the holistic development of our students.

The success of our Class X students in the 2024 board exams underscores our commitment to providing quality education and fostering an environment where students can thrive.

Be a part of SKS Family in 2024 for Better Academics

If you are looking for a top CBSE school in Noida Extension that guarantees academic excellence and holistic development, SKS World School is the right choice. Our 100% pass result in the 2024 Class X exams is a testament to our dedication and the exceptional learning environment we offer.

Enroll your child at SKS World School, the top CBSE school in Noida Extension. It’s time to be a part of a community that values education, excellence, and success. Together, we can secure a bright future for your child!