Best School in Greater Noida West Celebrated National Doctors Day Virtually

Celebrating National Doctor’s Virtually | Best School in Greater Noida West

Students of the best school in Greater Noida West , SKS World School on 1st July, celebrated National Doctor’s Day to thank and admire doctors and physicians for their selfless services during the tough time of the pandemic. National Doctors Day is celebrated every year on 1st July to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Bindhan Chandra Roy, who was a world’s recognized physician and also held the position of West Bengal’s Chief Minister during his tenure.

In today’s post, we’ll be giving you a few glimpses of the virtual celebration of National Doctor’s Day at the top CBSE School in Greater Noida.

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Key-point of today’s blog post

  • Student’s Participation
  • Thankyou Speech from Organizer

So, let’s get started!

Student’s Are The Zeal of Yesterday’s Celebration

Students at the top school near Greater Noida West dressed up as doctors, nurses, and hospital staff members, and thanked doctors for curing people and saving lives during the pandemic. Our students from kindergarten also expressed their gratitude to doctors through dance, songs, poetry, and drama. They acknowledged that it was due to the efforts of doctors that the people had remained safe from the pandemic.

The entire celebration was conducted through online mode since schools are operating classes through the online channel because of the pandemic.

Thankyou Speech From the Event Oganizer’s End

The event organizer acknowledged doctors’ contributions and admire their work during the pandemic. Also, student’s efforts were praised for making this event a success. At the end of the speech, the best school in Noida urged students to maintain the COVID-19 appropriate behaviors, maintain social distancing, and wearing masks to keep themselves safe from the pandemic.

Final Thoughts 

Being the best school in Greater Noida West , SKS World School celebrates every festival with great enthusiasm and fun doesn’t matter what the situation is. Along with studies, we aim at preparing students for their overall development. Therefore, if you want to see your child learning new things in a fun learning environment, then it’s time to think about their admission. SKS World School has some seats vacant from nursery to class 12th.

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