Top School in Greater Noida Prepare Students for Modern Skills

After appreciating employing a new educational policy, SKS World School is now working to enhance its curriculum. It is an initiative to raise awareness about current day skills and teaching methods.  As per expert advice, a school must update them with the latest information. They can utilise Smart Technologies for an enhanced learning experience. So, […]

See How Top School in Greater Noida Prepare Students for Tomorrow

Getting a good education is essential for the future. If you want to give your children the best possible chance to succeed, choosing an excellent school is vital. The good news is that there are many popular school in Noida area. Whether you’re looking for an international or kindergarten, there are many options available. Choosing […]

Top Qualities of the Top School In Greater Noida

In today’s blog, we are not going to speak about every school in Greater Noida but will focus on the best one. In order to recognize which is the top schools in Greater Noida, we need to look for several factors that are specifically concerned with the admission procedure, infrastructure, teachers, facilities, trend, examination results, […]

Top School in Greater Noida Follows a Zero Tolerance Policy for Discrimination

SKS World School is the top schools in Greater Noida, located in close proximity of Noida, has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination in its broadest sense.  The school aims to inspire all students to discover and understand deeper meaning, and to respect the variety of human experience. The school constantly reinforces that the individual’s dignity […]

Top School In Greater Noida | Important Update For Class X Students

Observing the sudden surge in the coronavirus cases in the country and the aftermath associated with the situation, the board has canceled class X exams. These days cancellation of class XII board exams is the hot topic of discussion among parents, students, and the governing bodies. In the last few days, many news was buzzing […]

Our Core Values Makes Us The Top School in Greater Noida For Admissions

SKS World School is the school in Greater Noida that envisions building an education system of learning that focuses on bringing out excellence in every child. Our core value encourages us to believe that every child is unique so as their interests and potentials to give something unique to the world. We as the top school […]

How To Engage Kids At Home During This COVID Time | Top School in Greater Noida

As the coronavirus second wave has hit the country arrantly, all schools and colleges are forced to shut completely. As per the recent notice from the Uttar Pradesh government, schools will not conduct online classes and remain closed till 15th May 2021. As students are at home and there are no classes, it becomes difficult […]

Traditional Dance Classes | Top School In Greater Noida

Dance in India has an unbroken tradition of over 2000 years, and hence we at SKS World School one of the Top School In Greater Noida take it as our responsibility to hone the skills of dancing  in our kids. Today through this blog we intend to discuss about dancing practices in our school in […]