CBSE Class 10th Maths Board on 5th May, Here are the Top Tips for a Good Percentile

Students tend to be under tremendous stress regarding Maths Board Exams! Mainly because the exam boards have a callous grading policy. So, how should students prepare to tackle the maths board? Below are some of the top tips shared by the top ranking school in Greater Noida West that every student should follow to get good marks in the Maths exam. Let’s have a look at them!

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Top 6 Tested Tips to Secure Good Marks in your Maths Board Exam

  1. Read the general instructions carefully. Also, please read all the questions given in the question paper before attempting them.
  2. Students must attempt three sections and 14 questions in the Mathematics Exam. They will also be required to show their calculations step by step while trying any mathematical problem.
  3. Students must draw a rough column on the right side of their answer sheet for calculation. This can help in saving time during the examination.
  4. Practice is critical when it comes to mathematics exam preparation for class 10th. Make sure you practice the tricky formulas just enough to make you confident with them
  5. Use proper geometry tools for drawing figures like compass, protractor and scale etc. The neater your diagram, the better chances are that you will score good marks on the mathematics exam paper.
  6. While attempting the questions, always make sure you write down the formula first before showing the calculation; this helps avoid mistakes during analysis and gives a clear picture to the checker or examiner evaluating your answer sheet.

The Importance of Studying and Relaxing: Tips for a Better Exam Result

Exams are tricky. Thus, students must prepare as much as they can in the limited time they have before the exams. The best way to approach your preparations and ensure you do your best is to maintain a balance between studying and relaxation. As per the top ranking school in Greater Noida West, try to get enough sleep and time for yourself, so you can learn with a fresh and rested mindset.