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The importance of counselling is vital to a child’s development. Be it a teenager or a pre-scholar; the right guidance can help them reach their full potential. Most parents think that the school will help them fulfil their child’s needs. But recent studies have shown that students, who require counselling, don’t receive it because of the lack of support from the administration. Are you among those parents who’re concerned about the kid’s school life? Do you want your kid’s to get proper guidance on what to read and what not? If yes, then you are at the right place. In today’s blog, the best school in Greater Noida WestSKS World School will share the importance of counselling and how the school provides the same. So, let’s find out the same.

Table of Contents- Importance of Counseling in a Student’s Life

  • Why is School Counseling Important?
  • What are SKSWS initiatives for School Counseling?

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Let’s dive into the details to know more!

Why is School Counseling Important?

A school is the mirror of the society in which it exists. Children are subjected to threats, both physical & emotional. To fight this, they need to be taught self-control & self-worth at an early age. Sometimes they are made to feel inferior or unloved by their parents or guardians or unloved at their school. Thus, kids need to participate in the counselling sessions, and it helps them cope with such scenarios and focus on studies and other school activities.

What are SKSWS initiatives for School Counseling?

Remedial classes are one of our initiatives that fall under this category. At the top international school in Greater Noida Westwe are always available to help students for a better future. All students who encounter any difficulties can consult with their respective teachers to clear their doubts in these classes.


Being the best school in Noida, SKS World School understands the importance of counselling in a student’s life. That’s why we kept on conducting counseling sessions to help our students. To find out more about this initiative, explore the website of the best school in Greater Noida West now.