Keep Students Motivated? Top Ranking Schools In Noida Extension In 2021

Motivation is the key factor towards success. Keeping students motivated help to score well as well results in better performance in extracurricular activities too. We at SKS World School one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida make sure to keep the motivation level of all the students at the highest level that will help them to swallow defeat in the same manner they celebrate their success.

We at one of the top ranking schools in Noida Extension believe that only an inspired teacher can keep students focused. If you’re passionate about teaching, your students are more likely to show a learning passion.  if you don’t care about teaching, learning won’t matter to your students.

Involve your students

If you involve them you will not keep your students motivated and let them play an active role in your classes. The days are long gone when teachers spoke for most of the class, with students taking a passive role. At SKS one of the top schools in Crossing Republik Classes are student oriented. To support, guide and direct the learning process, instructors at SKS World School serve as a coach and facilitator;

Give students the opportunity to shine

It is also very important to give students the chance to succeed. Give them tasks to see the results of their endeavors. That feeling of’ yes, I have done it! That’ a-ha’ moment, when students do a tough exercise, enhances their motivation. Acknowledging the importance of doing works self we have introduced STEM based education that enables students to have hands on approach and in turn after successful completion they get motivated.

Set clear, attainable goals for each lesson

You want your students to leave your class thinking they’ve been worth their time. Start your lessons by writing down your lesson plan at the corner of the board, so students know what they’re learning. Refer to the lesson plan at the end of the class and go over all they have learned. We need to see where they are now, and where you are going to take them now.

Praise In Big Words.

At the end of their participation, a’ well done’ or’ thank you,’ even if response was not right helps in imrpThere’s always one good thing to say. Start with the positive thing, and then switch tactfully to what needs improvement. All the teachers at one of the top ranking schools in Noida Extension are highly qualified and well experienced hence they make sure that appreciation should be offered to kids on each good work done by them.