Popular School in Greater Noida Celebrating Navratri Festival

SKSWS on Navratri Celebration at Our School | Popular School in Greater Noida 

Navratri is an annual Hindu festival celebrated in reverence of the goddess Durga. It begins on the first day with Mahalaya, marking Devi’s victory over the demon Mahishasura and ends on Dasami, when it culminates into a grand celebration called Vijayadashami. Navratri means “nine nights” and symbolises various aspects of motherhood. It’s one of the biggest celebrations in India, and that’s why the popular school in Greater Noida takes initiative to celebrate the festival at our school.

Popular School in Greater Noida
Popular School in Greater Noida

Happy Glimpse of Navratri Celebrations at Popular School in Greater Noida

The festival was celebrated at the best school in Noida on Monday by students dressed in colourful attires. Let’s look at the celebration details in this section.

  • Navratri Festival is a celebration of good over evil, and this year, the celebration begins from Monday onwards
  • The celebration of Navratri at SKSWS brought smiles to the faces of all students, who performed traditional dances and dressed up in colourful costumes.
  • We had several dance performances during the assembly, followed by an energetic dandiya dance performance by young students
  • Overall the Navratri festival was a great event and all our students enjoyed
  • At last, a speech by our respected teacher explains the importance of Navratri and it’s celebration throughout the 9 days.

2022 Navratri Celebrations @ Popular School in Greater Noida

Navratri is a Hindu festival that celebrates nine days, culminating in Dussehra. It celebrates people’s victory of good over evil by burning effigies and celebrating amidst music and dance. At the best school in Noida, we have a Navratri celebration every year at our school. This year also, we celebrated Navratri with great fun and enthusiasm.

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