School Admissions in Greater Noida Open for 2022-23 Academic Sessions

Choosing the right school for your child can be a difficult task, especially if you’re unsure of what aspects to consider. You may ask which school will help prepare my child for the next step in their career. Or which one will provide quality education? Many things come to parents’ minds while looking out for school admissions in Greater Noida for the 2022-23 academic sessions. If you are one of those parents, this blog will help you understand the admission process at the best school in Greater Noida.

School Admissions in Greater Noida

Process for School Admissions in Greater Noida for 2022-23 

Step 1st: Online Registration

Academically, SKS has been considered one of the top 10 schools in Noida Extension. Considering the pandemic situation and increasing Omicron Cases, the school has decided to offer an online registration facility. Parents need to submit their child’s academic details to get admission to the top school in Greater Noida. Parents can avail the form offline by visiting the school. Now, parents can fill out their child’s details online from the comfort of their home.

Step 2: Pre-admission Test/ Interview

To get admission at SKS World School, students must go through a basic test. Here, students will be screened for the school’s fundamental knowledge and skills required. Following this, students will be asked a few questions about the curriculum and syllabus according to their class.

Step 3: Document Verifications

When it comes to admission, one of the first steps taken by SKS is document verification. Both parents and students need to be ready with their documents at this stage.

We hope that now you are aware of the steps to apply for admission at SKS World School if you are looking for school admissions in Greater Noida. If you wish to enquire more about the document, fee structure or any other detail, please feel free to reach us.