Admissions in Ghaziabad Open, Here’s Why You Should Apply

Deciding which school in Ghaziabad to enrol your child in can be difficult. Although plenty of public and private schools are available, not all schools are created equal. What type of learning environment is best for your child? What kind of materials and teaching methods should you consider? Should cost be an important consideration when […]

Best Schools in Ghaziabad Is All Set to Conduct Board Practical 2022

As the class 12th practical exams draws closer, CBSE has issued instructions for conducting the practical examination. As per the instructions, practical examinations will begin from 2 March. The practical exams are conducted to assess students’ understanding of the subject matter and apply their learning in real-life situations. As the title suggests, the best schools […]

Best School in Ghaziabad On Preparing Students for Future

If you want to give your children the best possible chance to succeed in the future, you must choose an excellent school. No doubt, there are many excellent schools in Ghaziabad, so selecting the best school in Ghaziabad is a difficult choice.But if you want to prepare your child for the future,consider SKSWS for admission. […]

See Student’s Life & Events| Best School in Ghaziabad

Events are the occasion when students showcase their skills, talents and innovative ideas for the school in general, followed by academics. Being the best school in Ghaziabad, SKS World School organises various events throughout the year. These events aim to bring about a positive change in society. Check out a few of the school’s recent events.  Student’s […]