Top CBSE School in Greater Noida West Providing Best Environment to Learn

You’ll Never Find Top CBSE CBSE School in Greater Noida West like SKS, Here’s Why? SKS World School is a world-class school which provides its students with the best education possible. It has been providing quality education since its inception and has received numerous awards for its academic excellence. The school has been recognized as […]

SKSWS is the Top CBSE School in Greater Noida – Find Out Why

There are many schools in the Delhi NCR region and you may be wondering which one to send your child to. When it comes to educating your children, there’s no such thing as being too careful.You’ve done all the research, but now you’re stuck with more questions. What exactly makes SKS the Top CBSE School […]

Best School in Greater Noida West to Help You Score Well in Physics

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is set to kick start its Class 12th term-second examinations on April 26. Physics is one such subject that has immense scoring potential if studied with proper planning and strategy. If you are a class 12th student searching for practical tips to boost your preparations, here are some […]

Cultural Activities @ Popular School in Greater Noida

As one of India’s leading schools, we want our kids to feel the spirit of every cultural celebration. Our school teachers are always eager to celebrate with the kids and make them feel happy. Being the popular school in Greater Noida, we offer an expert development curriculum that ensures that students participate in varied activities […]

Study With Best Teachers | Top CBSE School in Greater Noida

Not every student gets the chance to study under the guidance of the best teachers in the country. Our teachers aren’t just proficient but are well known for delivering quality education and skill. At SKS World School– the top CBSE School in Greater Noida– we follow a policy centred around our teachers as they create an […]

Why SKSWS Is the Most Popular School in Greater Noida

One of the biggest challenges parents face is finding the best schools to provide education for their children. While sometimes it’s easy to find a good school locally, other times parents may have to travel for hours to find the right one. It can be especially tricky if you’re looking for an international school as […]

What Makes SKSWS Popular- Here’s the Answer

The SKS World School in Greater Noida has the best facilities and everything that a school should have to attract students from all over the city.  It also has an excellent faculty who are always willing to help students in every way possible.  Students are happy with their teachers, infrastructure and overall academic environment, which […]

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Best School Greater Noida West | Tips to Find the best school for your child.

For parents, it is no easy task to introduce the concept of school to their kid/s for the first time. It takes a lot of inspirations and motivation to let a child start the first day of school happily. Whether it is the preschool or kindergarten, the first school experience has to be exciting, and […]

Top Qualities Making Us the Popular School in Greater Noida

SKS World School is a highly reputed and popular school in Greater Noida. Its reputation has been built upon the pillars of honesty and integrity coupled with a pleasant, friendly and caring atmosphere. “SKS” means Students’ Kindness Society, which symbolises the school’s motto – “built on kindness”. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the top qualities […]

Educate your Child That Truly Matters | Best School in Greater Noida West

Education does not need to be about classroom teaching. However, it should be a holistic experience too. At the best school in Greater Noida West, we believe in delivering education that truly matters. A holistic education empowers them to be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives. Let’s look at how we accomplish […]