Beyond Classroom Learning Potentials | Top School near Noida Extension

Learning Beyond Classroom By Top School near Noida Extension At SKS World School, we understand that education extends far beyond the confines of a classroom. Being the top school near Noida Extension, we believe in providing our students with a holistic learning experience that goes beyond textbooks and examinations. In our journey to redefine education, […]

Top Traits Making SKSWS Top School Near Noida Extension

Pedagogy plays a crucial role in introducing the kids to the wonders of learning. If you will go through a list of schools in Noida Extension, you will realize how these establishments have understood this principle and advocate the idea of a holistic academic curriculum. SKS World School is one such institution, which has been […]

Popular School in Noida Extension Offer K-12 Education Experience

Being the popular school in Noida Extension, we aim to provide a complete schooling experience designed around the child. We want to see the child grow from being just a student to being an inspired learner. So, we offer a complete K-12 educational experience to our students. So, if you’re interested in SKWS for your […]

One More Plea in Supreme Court For Class 12th Board Exam

For the past few days, two news were in great interest of students. One is raising the number of coronavirus cases and the second one is PIL in Supreme Court related to CBSE class 12th board examination. A few days back, the popular school in Noida Extension– SKS World School had shared a post to […]

Check-list to find the Top CBSE School in Noida Extension

At this time of the year, many parents start heading towards searching for the school that is best for their kids. With so many options available in Greater Noida Extension who claims to the best whether it’s in terms of facilities, infrastructure, or school activities, so this decision can be overwhelming for most of the […]