The Growing Impact Of Sports Education | Top Cbse Schools In Noida Extension

Gone are the days when only those qualified in the field of education will be respected or can earn money. Now in some cases sports personalities are earning more than those occupied in business. SKS World School one of the top cbse schools in Noida Extension is famous for the fact that we have always been promoting and adapting ourselves as per the need of the hour. Now a day sports education especially in primary classes has become the need of the hour.  Not only with the motive to earn, sports are also important in order to keep students healthy and their mind fresh.

At one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida West we promote sports education in the same manner as we promote and pay focus on learning and teaching. Both outdoor and indoor games are given importance within the school premises and even it has given us positive result as many of our students have excel at school level and state level in sports. Sports day is organized at an annual basis to promote sports education within the students. With the growing impact of technology students are getting shifted towards games that affect their mental and physical fitness. Computer games are getting popular day by day which in turn leading to hypertension, diabetes, obesity in young age hence to promote outdoor games like cricket, basketball, kabaddi and games like Chess, carom that require skills we at one of the top providers of best school facility in Greater Noida provide the facility of these games with state of the art basketball court, space for kabaddi, gaming zone for chess and carom.

Sports however not only help in maintaining physical fitness but also improve social skills. Participation in games increases the sense of competition and at the same time sense of togetherness. Students learn the meaning of team effort which will help them to work in an organization in long run. Sports also increase their self confidence which is directly proportional to success at personal and professional levels.

We believe that with the inculcation of sports as mandatory part in student’s life the pressure upon the students that they have due to their studies eases and they remain motivated all the time.