Top CBSE School in Noida Extension: WHY SKSWS?

SKS World School has embraced this culture with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. The school has become synonymous with education excellence under the CBSE curriculum. It’s one of many qualities that make us the top CBSE school in Noida Extension. Do you wish to know more about other traits of SKS World School? If yes, then continue reading the blog till the end.

What Makes SKSWS the Best School in Noida?

At SKSWS, we believe in nurturing every student’s potential by helping them set goals for themselves which will gradually develop into long term aspirations. It includes academic pursuits and developing their talents in arts, sports, and cultural activities.

  • We believe in holistic development 
  • We focus on interdisciplinary learning 

Top CBSE School in Noida Extension

Let us get into the details to understand why we are the best choice for school admission in Noida Extension. 

We Believe in Holistic Development

We believe in a holistic approach to learning. Learning should not be restricted to the four walls of a classroom but extend beyond the school premises. Students learn from their teachers and peers, nature, and the world around them.

That’s why SKS World School supports the holistic development of learners by focusing on their academic excellence and strengthening their interpersonal relationships through a plethora of extracurricular activities like sports, dance, music, drama, art & craft etc.

We Focus on Interdisciplinary Learning 

We want our students to imbibe honesty, integrity, hard work and respect for elders. It’s the reason why SKSWS promotes interdisciplinary learning that enables children to connect the dots between various subjects.

It inculcates a quest for knowledge and helps them understand how subjects relate to real-life situations. The school encourages students to participate in activities that go beyond academics.

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