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Teacher’ as defined in the dictionary is a teacher. A teacher has various names of professor, coach, teacher with one meaning. Yet at SKS World School one of the Top Cbse Schools In Greater Noida teachers add one more name in the teacher names column, i.e. friend.

Parents looking for school admissions at most popular schools in Greater Noida West can select SKS for their child’s bright future as we believe in being the student friend rather than just the teacher at SKS. Teachers will have the chance to shape tomorrow. Teachers are inspiring the child just as nothing else can.

Top CBSE School in Greater Noida

  • Inspiring Students is our one of the key to success. Motivated students perform better than non-motivated ones. We at SKS, one of best schools in Noida Extension, firmly believe that encouraging students make them more focused on learning. Excellent job” are some of the magic words that leave a long lasting impact on the mind of young learners,
  • Make learning fun

Teaching with fun is one of the main teaching methodologies practiced at SKS World School, one of the top schools among the top 10 schools in Greater Noida West .Fun in learning increases the power of memory retention and keeps students engaged and study focused. We know the idea of learning with fun is difficult but it was only through these hard and special ideas that we were able to accomplish the feat of one of the best.