Top School Near Greater Noida West Continues K-12 Education Policy Post

Hello parent, welcome to another post of the top school near Greater Noida West. As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, in this blog, we will discuss our education policy followed for our middle as well as secondary section. But before we start with it, let’s take a look at why your child must continue their education even after the primary section.

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If you want to know why SKSWS is the best choice for school admissions in Greater Noida West for middle and secondary education, check out this overview of the school’s K-12 education policy.

Top School Near Greater Noida West

  • Middle Section- (age 11 to 14 years)
  • Secondary Section- (age 15-16 years)
  • Senior Secondary Section – (age 17-18 years)
  • Admission Updates for 2021-22 Sessions

So, let us begin the discussion!

Middle Section- (age 11 to 14 years)

It’s time to let students introduced themselves to the subject and vocations in-depth. It’s the time to nurture one’s hobbies and interests as a part of everyday life, hone one’s problem-solving skills by making difficult decisions where clear answers aren’t evident. So, to make it possible, a popular school in Greater Noida West, SKSWS offers the best course of action for developing young minds – the complete K-12 education experience.

Secondary Section- (age 15-16 years)

In these two years, students will be nicely groomed for the next grade and would show signs of maturity. So, we focus more on extra-curricular activities and other activities along with academics for the overall personality development of our students. +2 level is a continuous program and we endeavor to +1 stage 1-2 subjects of class 11th. This helps our students cope with a higher level of learning in class 12th. The focus becomes sharper towards class 12th specialization.

Senior Secondary Section – (age 17-18 years) 

If you’re interested to get more information about the practices followed by the best school in Noida for Senior Secondary Section, then wait till tomorrow. We’ll come up with detailed information.

Top School Near Greater Noida West Admission Updates

Being one of the top schools ranking in the list of schools in Greater Noida West, SKSWS has seen a variety of changes in its syllabus over the past few years. Therefore, we have implemented a K-12 education policy for different age levels. It helps us to engage with students to build their personalities and character. So, it’s one of the biggest reasons why SKS World School is preferred by parents from the Noida and Delhi NCR region for their child’s admission.

This is to inform you that admissions to the top school near Greater Noida West are going on. In case of any doubts/ inquiries, get in touch with us now.