Trim Out The Fat | Best Schools In Greater Noida

SKS World School one of the Best Schools In Greater Noida believes that smart work is more effective than hard work as well as the need of the hour. Hence we make sure to instill in our students the capabilities to work smarter not harder.

Given below are some of the tips to work smarter and not harder.

Trim out the fat

Keep your to-do lists lean and mean by concentrating only on your three to five most critical, relevant and demanding day-to-day activities, aka your Most Relevant Job. Concentrate on one task at a time before moving to less important tasks. You’ll be feeling more successful and less depressed when you do. At SKS one of the top cbse schools in Crossing Republik we make sure to intend students to focus first on important homeworks and classworks they are assigned then on the less important works this will help them to reduce their pressure.

Measure results, not time

Making hours and physical appearance essential over action and performance contributes to a culture of inefficiency (and anxiety). One way to help you calculate results, rather than time, is by creating finished lists. This is literally a continuous log of all that you’ve done in a day. You can feel more inspired and concentrated by holding this list, because you will really see what you have accomplished.

Have a balanced mentality.

Dear students we have been able to achieve the notion of being one of the Best Schools In Greater Noida as we always focus on balanced mentality. People who have a positive mindset take the initiative whenever possible. They happily help a poor friend, take up the slack when somebody’s off sick and make sure their job is done to the highest standards.