Beyond Academic Activities @ Best School in Noida Extension

At SKSWS, We Give You More Than Just Academic Activities

We at the best school in Noida Extension introduce Beyond Academic Activities. Our teachers help organise cultural competitions, sports events, and other activities with exciting themes. All these activities play a crucial role in exciting students while giving them a chance to show their personality. The main aim behind organising such activities is to prepare students for public speaking, working in teams and gaining confidence.

Best School in Noida Extension
Best School in Noida Extension

In today’s blog, let’s talk about some of the beyond-academic activities we have at our school.

Some of the Best Beyond Academic Activities at SKSWS

  • Cultural Competition
  • Art Studio
  • Athletics
  • Yoga & Meditation

So, let’s get started!

Cultural Competition

The cultural competition is a casual affair at SKS World School, where students compete against each other on various artistic skills such as dance, music, etc. These competition helps to develop the cultural talents of the students and encourage them to learn more about other cultures through this activity.

Art Studio

Art Studio is another essential activity organized by SKS World School. The art studio helps students learn about the different art forms like painting, drawing and sculpture through workshops conducted by professionals worldwide.


SKS World School offers various athletic activities, including cricket, football, basketball, etc. Students can participate in these sports as per their preferences. All these sports are fun and exciting for students who love playing sports or simply want some good exercise after school hours.

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Do you want your child to have access to these facilities? If yes, then apply for admission today. As the best school in Noida Extension, SKSWS has some seats for year-end admission. So, if you planning for your child’s admission to the next session, you can also consider this time for admission. Please feel free to reach out for any clarification.