Provides the Best Extra-Curricular Activities for Students

Extra-curricular Activities: Why It’s the Key to Child’s Overall Development 

At SKSWS, we aren’t only concerned about academics while developing a child’s overall personality. Various other factors make up a well-rounded person. Many parents think these extracurricular activities will take away their studies, but that’s not the case with SKS World School, the best school in Greater Noida West.

Thus, SKS World School often organizes extra-curricular activities at our school, including cultural competitions, sports activities, and other activities with exciting themes. So, let’s get into the details about whether choosing SKSWS for your child is the right decision.

best school in Greater Noida West

Sports Competitions

Sports are an integral part of the curriculum at Best International School in Noida. The school has a well-equipped sports complex with a basketball court, cricket pitch and tennis court. The school also hosts interscholastic competitions like ‘Sports Day’ and ‘Cricket Day’.

Cultural Events

The school organises cultural events like dance recitals, dramas and other competitions for the students every year. It helps improve the personality development of the students by encouraging them to participate in competitions and showcase their talent.

Personality development

Extra-curricular activities like sports and cultural events may also be used to develop student personalities through various activities that require physical fitness. The students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities that develop their personality skills.

Choose the Best School in Greater Noida West for Your Child

A while ago, we at the best school in Noida introduced activities encouraging students to do something beyond their academic work. We take pride in saying that our teacher’s played a crucial role in making these initiatives successful. With their help and support, we can organise different cultural competitions, sports events, and other activities to help students discover their talents.

So, if you also want your child to learn how to find their talent initially, think of enrolling them on SKS World School, the best International school in Greater Noida West.