Best International School in Noida Extension: Top 3 Traits of SKSWS

Top 3 Qualities of SKSWS | Best International School in Noida Extension At SKS World School, there is a strong emphasis placed on encouraging and recognizing extracurricular activities. Participating in sports, music, and art are all highly valued at the school. It’s one of many traits that make us the best international school in Noida […]

Best International School in Noida Extension: Why Pick SKSWS?

Best International School in Noida Extension Builds Character The best international school in Noida Extension, SKS World School, is the institution that believes in the transformative power of character development and values-based education. At SKS, we go beyond academic excellence to shape well-rounded individuals with empathy, integrity, and social responsibility. If you’re willing to send […]

International School in Noida Extension: Top 20 List to Consider in 2023

International School in Noida Extension in 2023: Find the Top 20  Parents in Noida Extension are confused and apprehensive while picking the ideal school to get their wards admitted to. Different regional schools offer similar facilities and faculty, varying only in costs. Hence, parents are often confused about what could be their best option for […]

Good Start for Your child in School | Best School in Noida Extension

It’s been more than one and a half years since the pandemic hits the country. During the pandemic time, everything came to a halt. But now everything is coming back on its track. Schools are opening again, and kids are hesitating to come back to the school. It’s been more than a year of the […]

List Of Schools In Noida Extension | Top CBSE School In Noida Extension

Whether we are allocating a dollar value to it or not, time is of value to us. Think about it: How much of your regular work week do you stress about not having enough time to finish a job or reach a goal? Dear students, time management is necessary at all stages of life and […]

How to free students from stress during exam | Top school in Greater noida

The exams session has finally started.  It is the most frustrating time for some while it is the time for others to prove themselves. Yet one more reality is also linked to exams that parents have to hurry with their children to doctors more and more, as most of them suffer from phobia of examination […]

Leap For The Betterment | Best School In Greater Noida

Hello kids, its 29th of February the leap year. So what’s your plan leap like a Spiderman or leap towards a better man? Dear kids, you always have two options in your life select it or let it go. Today this blog by SKS one of the best schools in Noida Extension  we will let […]

In Childhood Days Playing With Paper Boat | Top Ranking School in Noida Extension

After thinking a lot on what to write finally I concluded to go back in earlier times. Where everything was changed as per now. Good morning to Subh Prabhat, digital classrooms to classroom with a single blackboard and students bringing their sitting arrangements with them as well. But don’t you think still that was good. […]

Proper Utilization Of Technology At Top CBSE School In Noida Extension

SKS World School is one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida and hence we abide by certain rules and regulations in manner to allow students for using technologies. We are a technically equipped school however we make sure that technology does not affect the mental growth of students. Today through this blog we […]

Keep Students Stress Free During Exam | Top School in Greater Noida

Finally the session of exams has started.  For some it is the most irritating time while for others it is the time to prove themselves. But one more fact is also related to exams that are parents have to rush to doctors more and often with their kids as mostly of them are suffering from […]