Top CBSE School in Noida Extension Share Tips for Maths Board Exam

CBSE has announced term 2 boat exams, and students are now preparing for the forthcoming math board paper. The CBSE board exams are just around the corner. As per the latest CBSE date sheet, the exams will begin on April 26. Since mathematics is one of the scoring subjects, we decided to develop an article that would help you prepare for your maths exam today. The report covers everything you need to know about revising your maths exam as soon as possible.

The datesheet indicates that there will be no gap between two consecutive papers, unlike last year. Here are some tips from our top CBSE school in Noida Extension for students to score well in maths:

  • Maintain a formula copy
  • Refer NCERT books for Revision
  • Practice Sample Papers
  • Focus more on the tough topics first

top CBSE school in Noida Extension

These 4 Tips Will Help You Score Well in Your Maths Board Exam

The mathematics paper is one of the scoring subjects provided you prepare for it well. If you find maths challenging, start preparing today and make sure that you revise everything that you have covered so far.

Maintain a formula copy –

Students who find it tough to memorize the formulas should maintain a formula copy. This will help them to learn the formulas easily and fast.

Refer NCERT books for Quick Revision –

There is no better way to prepare for the CBSE Maths exam than going through NCERT books. Students must go through all the topics covered in NCERT and note the important ones.

Practice Sample & Previous Year Papers

Before appearing in the board exams, students must practice sample papers to know their strengths and weaknesses. By practising sample papers, they will get an idea about their preparation level and have enough time to prepare for the weak areas.

Focus more on the tough topics first-

Students should focus more on the problematic chapters first and then move on to the easier ones. This will help them score better marks in more challenging chapters than easy ones.

Consult your Maths Teacher to Clear your Doubts

If you’re a class 12th student, then you need to start preparing for your maths exam today itself. You might not be able to cover the entire syllabus in a few days, but you can make sure that you revise everything you have learned. For doubts, consult with your teachers at the top CBSE school in Noida Extension.