Differences Between Private And Public School

SKS World School is one of the best private and top ranking school in Noida Extension. We are one of the top cbse affiliated school in Greater Noida with all the requisite facilities and teaching methodology as per cbse guidelines.                   We believe that while selecting a […]

What parents should look for when considering a change of schools for their child?

SKS World School is one of the best international school in Greater Noida and also among the first choice of parents considering a change of schools for their child. We are happy with the response we have received from the parents seeking school admissions in Noida.                 Through […]

A Day For The Teacher’s At One Of The Best School In Noida Extension

Teacher’s at SKS World school one of the top cbse school in Greater Noida are less of a preacher, less of an advisor, less of a teacher and more of a friend, more of a mentor and  more of a guide. The spirit of teacher’s day is to recognize all the dedication the teachers give […]

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International language at school – Best International School

At SKS World School, one of the best International School in Noida/Ghaziabad we have an excellent opportunity for students to learn French.We strive hard to improve the communication of students which is considered as one of the most important skill in today’s education system.  passion for international languages: is no longer a hobby but a […]

Parents – Our most treasured asset.| Admission in Greater Noida Extension

We are extremely proud of our parent community here at SKS World School. The fact that we continue to be regarded as one the best international school in Noida / Greater Noida is a testimony to that. We are among the Top 10 School in Noida / Ghaziabad and we believe that the exceptional achievements […]

Tips to Your Child to Develop into an Independent Thinker | International School in Noida

The Top ranking school in Greater noida objective of education must not remain restricted to the passing of understanding from one source to another. Rather, it ought to have the capability to provide trainees the ability to assume independently. SKS World School, our team believes that it is crucial for each and every youngster discovers to be able to […]

Best School in Ghaziabad and Noida | Admissions in noida

Best study routine for school students Students seeking admission in Noida/ should give SKS school the 1st preference. SKS world school one of the best kindergarten school in Noida has been designed keeping children in mind. Each student is different and thus the study routine has been meticulously designed ensuring it that student is not […]

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The kindergarten students of SKS World School celebrated Green Colour Day with fun and enthusiasm on 17th May 2019, (Friday) in the school Premises. The topic was keep Clean, keep Green.All the children along with their teachers were dressed up in green colour to celebrate this activity.As a part of this, the children planted plants […]

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An investment in the process of acquiring knowledge brings about the best interest. One of the most crucial decisions for parents is to provide the right education and learning environment to their children. For certain parents, this schooling decision is quite easy. They often send their wards to the local public school. But if one […]

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Benefits of using technology in the classroom | Top school in Noida

How can technology help students to shape their career? Learning is the key to success and without it, our life is nothing mean we stop, stop evolving, stop being and stop achieving. So, why it shouldn’t be easy, interactive and funny?  In the handful of the most important things in our life, learning is near […]