Ways To Improve Concentration In Students | Top School In Greater Noida

It has been rightly said that ‘concentration is the root of all the higher abilities in man’. We at SKS World School one of the Top School in Greater Noida  believe in making students confident and curious in order to make them concentrated and focused on their studies. A concentrated mind is a powerful mind […]

How To Prepare Your Child For Examination | Best School in Greater Noida

A little tension can be a good thing: the motivational boost we need to get things done can be the one. But when this little turns into too much that may be a point to worry about. Today this blog by SKS World School one of the best schools in Noida Extension is focused on ways to reduce the exam stress on students. Sometimes, however, dealing with stress (especially during exam season) can be a […]

What We As A Nation Expect From You | Top School In Greater Noida

Dear students we all are the citizens of India. And by being a citizen of the country we have some responsibilities towards the nation. The responsibility to protect her dignity, to preserve her culture and traditions and to take an oath to never indulge in such activities that may bring down the dignity of the […]

Protect Your Child From The Exam Fever

Every new session does not only bring joy for students waiting for new book, stationeries and of course new friends. However the road to new class is not a child’s play. Exams times are stressful time not only students, but for their parents and teachers as well. Some work better under stress but mostly bows […]

Dear Students, The Nation Is From You All

Hello students, we hope to find you all in best of your health and preparations for your upcoming exams.  On this 26th of January the nation is turning 71. As much as we are going we are turning into an energetic, young and confident nation.  Today through this blog we at SKS World School one […]

Teaching Methodology And Curriculum At One Of The Best Schools In Greater Noida

SKS World School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida and it takes a lot in being one of the top choices of parents.  We follow a unique approach for making the process of teaching and learning exciting but at the same time informative.  We believe that every child has its own way […]

Stay fit mantra at one of the top schools in crossing Republik

SKS World School is one of the top schools in crossing republik where we aim at fostering young generation in such a way that by the time they grow they develop into confident, responsible and determined citizens of the nation. However without good health nothing can be achieved. Health is a state of complete mental […]

Best CBSC affiliated school in Noida extension Greater Noida

SKS World School one of the Best CBSC affiliated school in Noida extension Greater Noida, our teachers are motivated and have a different approach to teaching than others. Motivated teachers are very important to the classroom as they also motivate their students to learn in a fun and engaging manner. Motivation is one of the […]

Tips to Your Child to Develop into an Independent Thinker | International School in Noida

The Top ranking school in Greater noida objective of education must not remain restricted to the passing of understanding from one source to another. Rather, it ought to have the capability to provide trainees the ability to assume independently. SKS World School, our team believes that it is crucial for each and every youngster discovers to be able to […]